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My cake pro quatro is offering up and error message each time i go to print.
The printer shows as ready on the computer, but the orange/yellow light will continue to flash. If the reset button on the back is pressed then the light will go solid for about 10 seconds then return to blinking.

how can I fix this issue and get back to printing?

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The Yellow light blinking refers to a problem with 1 or more cartridges in your printer.

In order to see which cartridge is giving an error:

1-Remove both cartridges , Cancel any previous print jobs.

2-Insert only Black cartridge and power off and on again.If the light is solid then this cartridge is OK and you can try the same process with Color cartridge (With Black NOT Inserted).

3-If the light is blinking for any cartridge then something is wrong with that particular cartridge. In this case, Clean the electrical contacts with an eraser/lint free cloth and then try again.

Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles with your fingers. Doing so can result in ink failure, and bad electrical connections.

For better assistance,Please Email us with your order details.

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