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Depends on the which version you have for the Cakepro800-

- Cakepro800 v1 / v2- need to be replaced by pressing the ink button

- On Cakepro800v3 - simply need to remove the cartridge and change/refill and put back. V3 have an upgrade which do not need the indicator light.

If the version you have is either  V1 or V2 and it is not working, Please reach to out SUPPORT with your order details for better assistance further.

It's the V3 version.  To confirm it does not need to be in the center to refill.  Correct? Thak you.
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Yes, That is Correct. Need to remove the cartridge from the home position - refill the cartridge and reinsert it into the printer.

Then run 1 cleaning cycle and then nozzle check to make sure that there are no air-bubbles and then continue to print
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