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I added 4 different 4 photos and added each one to my cart but I can only see the last image. How do I know if all 4 images are present before I order?

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The Inkedibles website currently allows for multiple images per order but only if the different images are used for different products. Only 1 unique image can be used per product.  For example, if ordering an 8" round frosting sheet circle sheet, and a 3" round frosting sheet circle sheet, those are 2 separate products, so you can use different images per product, in the same order. But if you want to order the same product (let's say an 8" frosting sheet circle sheet), but want some of the sheets with 1 image and some with another image, unfortunately that is not possible to do on the order, so a separate order would need to be placed for the different image. You are ordering the same product but with 4 different images, that is why only 1 image shows in the cart. For 4 different images for the same product, you would need to place 4 different orders.

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