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How to Maintain Edible Printers : Printheads can clog due to non-use of a printer - leaving a printer idle, especially when you have edible cartridges installed, can cause the water from the ink droplets which accumulate at the heads to evaporate, leaving behind crystalline (sugar) deposits which can clog the print heads.

If you do get a clog in your printer's printheads, it will show up when you print as colors could come out dull, or you will notice lines on the page or missing colors

Ensure that you print at least 1-2 pages with your printer per week, and if you are going to leave the printer out of use for a while, to ensure that you at least power cycle it every other day (turning it off and then on gets the ink flowing), or leave food grade Inkedibles cleaning cartridges installed while the printer is out of use

Run a print head cleaning cycle (through your printer's menu), and print a nozzle test to see if its cleared. And if that does not clear the clog, then you need more deep cleaning.  If deep cleaning does not work, then install Inkedibles cleaning cartridges and print a few pages with these installed, AND run a print head cleaning cycle or deep cleaning cycle with these Inkedibles cleaning cartridges installed. For severe clogs you can remove the printhead unit (only possible with CANON printers, see attached for what it looks like), and run water (room temperature or cold) over/through the printheads (which are on the bottom) and over the ports (which are the circular portions that interact with the cartridges). Be careful NOT to run water over the electronics on the side of the printhead unit.

The ultimate solution to unclogging a printhead is to use an Inkedibles Flush System with Flush Solution.
Never turn the machine off , let it go to sleep mode and save ink avoiding initiation and processing every time the machine is turned on
Don't remove cartridges from the printer except for replacement or cleaning
Don't  mix edible inks in your machine . Edible inks are not the same , quality differs from brand to brand and you can get some unwanted issues.
Clean icing sheet path and edible paper tray after every print . Simple air can do the job in 10 seconds.
Run roller cleaning every time after printing . Pass few regular printer sheets thru machines.
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You can always make a good use of the cleaning cartridges in cases when you know you would not be using the printer for a  while, You can always take the edible cartridges out and put the covers ON that you received with the cartridges and keep them in a sealed tight ziploc.and  you can then install  the cleaning cartridges in your printer> run a few cleaning cycles and leave the cleaning cartridges in the printer until you are back to  you.

This actually minimizes the risk of clogging.
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