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As compared to the PREMIUM sheets, the INKEDIBLES PREMIUM PLUS sheets are:

  • Faster Drying
  • Smoother and softer, and prints are better
  • More Flexible (less cracking, more durable)
  • Slightly thinner (less noticeable on cakes and to taste)
  • Slightly brighter
  • Slightly larger in surface area as they are A4 size (97 sq inches vs 93.5 sq inches for Premium which are standard letter size), but work just the same as letter size sheets on any edible ink printer

As for thickness, the Premium Plus are between 0.35mm and 0.45mm thick and very consistent.
The Premium vary from 0.48 to 0.68. We found most customers preferred thinner sheets as this way the texture is less noticeable.

In  the winter months, and especially in very cold conditions/temperatures (whether in transit or at customer's location), dryness of sheets can become an issue and sheets can dry out. While all frosting sheets (just by the nature of their ingredients and functionality) can dry out if exposed to extreme temperature conditions, the PREMIUM PLUS can withstand temp variations slightly better than the PREMIUM.  We highly recommend that customers select KEEP IT WARM packaging when ordering in the dead of winter, and KEEP IT COOL packaging when ordering in the middle of summer, to protect the frosting sheets in transit from external extreme temp shifts.

When printing with PREMIUM PLUS sheets make sure that you adjust the paper guides in your printer to accommodate the slightly narrower A4 size (8-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch)

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