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Cakepro 750/770/800 have 2 plugs. 

One plug is covering a filling hole, and the other is covering a breather hole. 

In order to  refill your cartridge follow the steps below: 

  1. Refer to your printers manual in order to remove the cartridges from your printer
  2. Insert the Breather hole plug back onto the cartridge
  3. Remove the Filling hole plug
  4. Refill the cartridge with the correct colored edible ink with a syringe and blunt needle 
  5. Re-insert the filling plug 
  6. Remove the breather plug
  7. Follow instructions per your printers manual to insert the cartridges back in your printer.
Never fill your cartridges with ink while they are in the printer. 
See below Video on how to refill cleaning cartridges with edible cleaning solution. 

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