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During very cold time periods (such as November/December/January in most parts of the USA and Canada), the extreme cold in certain parts of the country can cause frosting sheets to harden, and start to crack at the edges. This will also affect the sheets flexibility and ability to feed through the printer.
We recommend adding our KEEP IT WARM packs for temperature sensitive items such as frosting sheets, during times of the year when temperatures are very cold, to protect the product in transit from extreme temperature changes. These are thermal insulation packs for protecting sensitive items from freezing during shipping in cold climates .They have the ability to absorb the moisture, heat and cold created during transits and to help ensures that products arrive in the condition they were meant to be.

All items are carefully inspected before shipping so that every package leaves us to ship to you in pristine condition.
Frosting Sheets are sensitive to extreme temperature (heat / cold) or humidity changes, and should always be kept at room temperature, and in the sealed air tight bag that they arrive in, until they are needed to be used.  When a frosting sheet needs to be used, take it out of the bag and immediately seal the bag so that the remaining sheets do not get exposed to temperature or humidity changes.

The frosting sheet should be printed to when it is at room temperature, and the remaining sheets should be stored also at room temperature.


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