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InkEdibles SKU Outer Dimensions (in millimeters) Qty of cavities / Inner Dimensions (in millimeters)
530-001-01 275x135x24mm 15pcs/15g/ 35x14x28mm
530-002-01 275x135x24mm 15pcs/15g/   dia 32x15mm
535-010-01 275x30x35mm 6pcs/ 30x25x23mm
535-012-01 275x135x24mm 24pcs
535-011-01 275x135x24mm 21pcs
535-013-01 275x135x24mm 24pcs
535-014-01 275x135x24mm 12pcs
535-XQ-045 232x106mm 5pcs 105x25x8.5mm
535-XA-02 232x106mm 6pcs Dia37x29mm/37x25x29mm/42x43x29mm/40x30x29mm/dia 40x29mm/dia 40x29mm
535-GQ-06 290x195mm 3pcs
535-GQ-01 290x195mm 28pcs
535-GQ-23 290x195mm 12pcs
535-GQ-07 290x195mm 3pcs
535-015-01 235x120mm 3pcs/110x73mm

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