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If you want to print with edible ink directly to chocolate, you need a CakePro series printer, and some coating products depending on the type of chocolate you will be printing to. The coating products are applied to the top layer of your chocolate before printing.

Here are the available coating products from www,inkedibles.com:
For DARK (or MILK) chocolate, you need our CHOCOSPRAY (this is a WHITE coating to spray on top of your chocolate using an airbrush). The relevant SKU's are listed below:
  • 525-042-01 (this is ChocoSpray already mixed with alcohol, 400ml total)
  • 525-034-60ml (this is concentrated ChocoSpray to which you need to add alcohol in a 2:1 ratio, so you get 60ml after you add your alcohol)
  • 525-034-120ml (this is concentrated ChocoSpray to which you need to add alcohol in a 2:1 ratio, so you get 120ml after you add your alcohol)
NOTE: you can also airbrush our ChocoSpray product to chocolate transfer sheets if you are planning on transferring your edible ink printed images to chocolate (instead of printing directly to chocolate).
Our ChocoSpray™ enhances the richness and brightness of the edible ink colors by creating an opaque background when transferring edible prints from InkEdibles™ Printable Chocolate Transfer Sheets to milk or dark chocolate.

For WHITE chocolateimage, you need:
  • 525-041-01 (this is a 400ml transparent spray for airbrush, contains alcohol) or
  • 525-043-01 (this is a 400ml transparent paste which you apply using a brush, no alcohol included or required)
See more at https://www.inkedibles.com/chocolate-transfer-enhanceing-supplies.php

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