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If your frosting sheets become too dry to use properly or detach from their backing, you can easily re-hydrate them by using our InkEdibles® Frosting Sheet Re-Hydration Kit™ – to restore moisture to dry or damaged frosting sheets before use. Your sheets will be moist, pliable and re-attached to their backings again.

4 sterile gauze pads
4 vials of sterile water
1 pair of reusable gloves

1) Remove a gauze pad from wrapper, twist open a vial of sterile water then saturate the gauze with the water.
2) Place the wet gauze behind the last frosting sheet in the bag, reseal tightly, careful not to touch or drip water on the front of any sheets.
3) Let sit for 4-24 hours until sheets are rehydrated and reattached to backings.
Use 1 or 2 gauze pads and vials of water per time depending on the dryness of the sheets.  Repeat if necessary.

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