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This process can be used if:

1) You want to be able to use the frosting sheet templates with your photocopier, or
2) You are having trouble with the templates (this is a work around)
Step 1

Take a pre-cut sheet and remove the templated circles leaving empty spaces as per the example shown above and the remaining frosting sheet “background”.
Step 2

Print HIGH QUALITY images of your photos on regular or photo paper and cut the images out so they are the same size as the empty spaces in Step 1.
Step 3

Position the paper photo images from step 2 in the center of the empty spaces (on the reverse side of the clear backing) and secure with clear tape.
Step 4

Remove the frosting sheet “background, leaving the printed images taped in the correct positions.
Step 5

Place the clear backing with the images face down on the screen of your printer and close the cover.
Step 6

Insert a new precut frosting sheet in the paper tray and make a color photocopy. You can slightly reposition your sheet or individual images if needed.
You will need to determine which direction to feed your frosting sheets in the paper tray based on the direction you placed your images on the printer screen.   Also, from the “Copy - Print Settings” options choose the correct paper size and the paper type which works best with your images (we suggest starting with “plain paper”).
 Remember that you are not printing on glossy photo paper.
Frosting sheets are more like matte or plain paper than glossy paper.

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