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Frosting Sheets (aka Icing Sheets) by Inkedibles come in 2 types: PREMIUM and ARTISAN
ALL frosting sheets are very sensitive to very hot and very cold weather. We have very mild weather here in Los Angeles (where Inkedibles is based) so the sheets are in very good condition when they leave our warehouse but they can experience a lot of different temperatures and levels of humidity during shipping. For this reason, we offer KEEP IT WARM packs (to protect against freezing temperatures) and KEEP IT COOL packs (to protect against extreme hot temperatures), for $3.99. Add these items to your order if you are ordering any sensitive items to ship to cold or freezing climates. Highly recommended for shipping items such as ???frosting sheets (to prevent frost bite which causes cracking), ???chocolate transfer sheets (to prevent the cocoa butter on the sheets ???from freezing and causing spotting on the surface) and fondant (to prevent from frost bite which can cause extreme dry patches).
Heat, cold and very dry climates can dry out frosting sheets making them crack and come off the backing too easily. Very humid moist climates can make frosting sheets stick each other and not easily peel off the backing. Please see other articles in our Support Center regarding what to do when sheets are too moist or too dry.
Full packs of frosting sheets come in sets of 24 sheets.  Even when there is cracking, drying or they stick together, it is usually only the first few sheets and the inner sheets are perfectly usable.
It is like comparing very high quality fine cotton fabric to very high quality fine silk fabric.  Both are lovely but they are different.  One is more durable than the other, but both work VERY WELL, have pleasant mild flavors and both absorb and display our inks very well.  None of our Frosting Sheets are transparent.  They are all opaque (others on the market are not completely 'see-through', but so thin and of lower quality that the cake or cookie surface underneath can be  seen and the underneath texture can be noticed, some others have a very bad and unpleasant artificial chemical smell and flavor). Both of our sheets provide a clean smooth topping on the cake, cookie, etc, on which they are applied and present the print much nicer than the other qualities available from our competitors.
Premium are the first sheets we carried. They are high quality, mass produced, very white, more durable and flexible sheets (almost rubbery). They are moister and often stick together so can not be fed through the paper tray in a printer they must be fed one at a time. In very humid climates they may need to be dried or warmed a bit (to dry out) before use.
Artisan are our newer line. They are of higher quality and contain no preservatives. They are made in small quantity, usually by hand or using traditional methods. They are very smooth and look better and absorb ink nicer that the Premium. The Regular thickness is slightly thicker than the Premium, but we also have the Thin in Artisan.  They are dryer, but very smooth and always need to be used quickly once removed from the package and sealed very well during storage. At times they may need to be rehydrated before use in very dry climates (see attached rehydrate label). Every package of Artisan Sheets has a "helpful hints" label that is highlighted in yellow and explains what to do if they seem dry.

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