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Both regular printer ink and edible ink do not always print out colors exactly the same as they appear on a computer screen. This can be adjusted in different ways (some complex) using various setting on the different photo programs used to edit and print the image from a computer. Edible ink is even more sensitive to these differences and sometimes more difficult to get the results you want but there is an easier way.
???You can????????? make a high quality print of??? ???your image (w???it???h a printer using printer ink) then take that image and make a PHOTOCOPY ???from your edible ink printer directly onto ???a frosting sheet. This is an easy way to get very good color quality, because ???your??? printer is only communicating with itself r???egarding the ???color???,??? brightness, saturation, color formula codes, etc, rather than the printer communicating with a computer and the photo program that computer is using such as ???P???hotoshop, ???I???llustrator, ???W???ord, etc.  

Also ???for best results, use the proper 'Paper Setting' on the printer such as the 'Plain Paper' setting ???becasue this also affects the quality of the printed color and image.???

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