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A few words about Inkedibles Edible Ink Cartridges (Canon PGI250/CLI251 used as an example); the thickness of Inkedibles Edible Paper; and cartridge-specific edible ink by Inkedibles:

Inkedibles Edible Ink Cartridges are always filled to the maximum possible capacity, sometimes more than what even the original brand cartridge holds. The amount the cartridge is filled to also takes into account the best chance of non-leaks from outside pressure changes or transit effects. For example:
Each of the Canon 251 cartridges (the thinner black, and the cyan, magenta, yellow and gray) all are filled with a minimum of 10-12ml of ink. The Canon 250 cartridge (the larger black) is filled with a minimum of 15-17 ml of ink.  All of the cartridges should have a visibly empty portion in the liquid ink tank. It should look about 50-75% full in that part and the other section with the sponge should look mostly or completely full.  The sponge in the cartridge absorbs the liquid ink and the excess is stored in the tank.  In a new unused cartridge the amount that the sponge can vary.??? I???t is possible that ???the??? sponge ???can ???absorb the most of the ink in that particular cartridge so by looking at it, it may have see???m??? low of ink.  But,??? the printer pulls ink from the sponge which itself holds the majority of the ink in the cartridge.  The visible liquid part is reserve ink from which the sponge pulls when it is low and it only accounts for a small fraction of the ink that is actually in your cartridge.  The ink in the sponge alone would be enough for dozens and dozens of prints, depending on the amount of that particular color in your pictures. 

As for our frosting sheets, they are thicker that some competitors offer on the market.  Inkedibles produces two lines of frosting sheets, the Artisan and the Premium.  These are the two highest quality frosting sheets on the market.  They are smoother, more durable, very easy to use and have a more pleasant flavor and aroma than some other thinner, more transparent sheets. Often with thinner more transparent sheets there are visible patterns of dots or streaks in the actual sheets that we prefer not to have on our sheets and printed ink does not always appear as nicely on a more transparent surface.  All of our frosting sheets are opaque so the printed edible ink is very richly and vividly displayed.  We do carry more transparent edible paper called wafer sheets which come in two different thicknesses.  The thinner of these wafer sheets can dissolved into some very moist base???s??? leaving only ink it that is more of the effect you prefer. 
We also carry three different types of ink made specifically for Canon, Epson or Brother printers, so the combination of high quality frosting sheets and the proper ink for your printer will give you the best results for your printed edible images.???

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