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Some Epson printers are unable to grab on to chocolate transfer sheets, thereby unable to feed them through the printer. The reason is because the chocolate transfer sheets are slippery, like a transparency sheet, and Epson printers are not great at being able to feed slippery sheets of paper. For this reason, we recommend Canon printers over Epson if you are planning to do edible ink printing for chocolate transfer purposes. 

A customer recently shared the below experience with her Epson, in which she was able to get her Epson printer to feed the chocolate transfer sheets. If you have an Epson printer for edible ink purposes and want to get it to work with chocolate transfer sheets, you can try this suggestion:

I realized the icing sheet should be treated as a transparency.  (I just retired from teaching, so I was familiar with transparency printing).   On some printers I had to go to priorities when printing... and I checked the Epson Printer does not have transparency as an option for printing when it shows paper types)  For this reason I decided to come up with my own solution....    

I taped the edge of the chocolate transfer sheet to a sheet of typing paper on both sides. It's like 1/4" from the edge. For this reason it will still print on the entire sheet and you do not loose space.

  This allowed it to feed through my computer with NO PROBLEM !  I'm also sending an attachment of what I did. I probably should have put another color of paper under thetransfer sheet.  I think you will be able to see what I did....... if not I will be happy to make another picture.

Thank you to this helpful customer in sharing her experience!

Please click here to download attachment link

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