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Whenever preparing chocolate for use with chocolate molds, it is important to "properly temper the chocolate" before use with the molds.

To properly use chocolate it needs to be warmed a certain way, to a proper temperature - which varies depending on which type of chocolate is being used. And then it needs to be slightly cooled to a certain temperature before pouring into the molds. The molds should be 'polished' first so that the finished chocolates/candies have a shine to them.

Chocolate Tempering:
  • Tempering is a method of heating and cooling chocolate in order to use it for coating or dipping.
  • Proper tempering gives chocolate a smooth and glossy finish. Tempered chocolate will have a crisp snap and won't melt on your fingers as easily as improperly tempered chocolate.
  • Properly tempered chocolate is also great for molding candies because the candies will release out of the molds more easily and still retain a glossy finish.
The tempering (temperature to heat and cool the chocolate to) depends on the type of chocolate you are using - so follow proper instructions based on your chocolate supplier.

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