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The beauty of using printable chocolate transfer sheets rather than pre-printed transfer sheets is that you can get beautiful detailed images such as photographs at do-it-yourself costs.  But, the frustration up until now has been that these images have worked very well on white chocolate, but haven't shown up well against the dark background of dark chocolates. All printable chocolate transfer sheets have this same problem because all edible ink is sheer, not opaque.  So we now have the perfect solution.
1)      We don't have a new type of chocolate transfer sheet.
2)      We do have a new coating/backing to apply after you print your image. We have developed an opaque white spray to apply after you’ve printed on your transfer sheet before pouring or spreading the tempered chocolate onto it. This is an easy step that will give an opaque backing to your print which will make it show up clearly against dark chocolate.
3)      All of our chocolate transfer sheets are made with a pure cocoa butter base, which is preferable to all other types of oils for chocolate transfers. Our new opaque coating is a coating or backing for the ink on the image which is not made of cocoa butter and will not melt or run. This is the perfect combination to transfer your image onto tempered chocolate.
4)      This spray will be available within the next few weeks. It can be applied using the spray pump that comes with the bottle or an airbrush for a finer mist.  This is not white cocoa butter, it is an opaque white coating that will not melt or run.
5)      It will be on our Facebook page (facebook.com/inkedibles) so please keep an eye out for it there.

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