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When planning to print on frosting sheets, it is best to first try out your image on plain printer paper in 
your edible ink printer. This will give you the ability to make changes to the size, color or quality of your 
image without wasting your frosting sheets. This is especially helpful when using frosting sheets with 
pre-cut shapes. You can take the time to make any adjustments necessary to insure that your images 
are perfectly centered in each cell or circle. Each printer is slightly different and often a small tweak may 
be needed to get things just right. Regular paper will not compromise your edible ink printer at all, regular ink will. In fact you can also use your edible ink printer as a general all-purpose printer with edible ink on printer paper, which is often more economical than using regular printer ink in a non-edible ink printer.

Take the time to get to know your edible ink printer with plain printer paper. The better you get to know your edible ink printer, the better your edible prints will be!

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