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Inkedibles is improving its chocolate transfer sheets
Inkedibles strives to offer the best quality products in any given category.  It took the company years to develop and test the best quality edible ink formulations, cartridges and frosting sheets. The company took a little longer to release chocolate transfer sheets, releasing them successfully to market in 2012.  But products can always be improved, and Inkedibles is constantly aiming to stay ahead of the market with new and improved variations as well as new and unique products.  Most customers that have bought the Inkedibles chocolate transfer sheets in 2012 and early 2013 were very satisfied with them.  And if you were one of those customers, you're going to love even more our improved chocolate transfer sheets, due for release in June 2013.  Below is a table showing the improvements we have made and why they matter.
Improved InkediblesChocolate Transfer Sheets
Original InkediblesChocolate Transfer Sheets
heavier coating with cocoa-butter
lightly coated (without cocoa-butter)
The heavier coating with cocoa-butter makes the chocolate transfer sheet smoother, and therefore allows for a smoother finish after printing.  The non-printed part of the chocolatesheet which may also come into contact with thechocolate will be even more subtle in terms of any texture it leaves on the chocolate, leaving the chocolate smooth.
the coating going all the way to the edges of the sheet
has a 2/8" border that is not coated
larger printable / use-able area
has a slightly sweet flavor
has a neutral, slightly oily flavor
the sweet flavor can complement chocolate and masks the oily flavor of the cocoa butter
And there you have it.  Most companies won't show the pros/cons of their own products, but at Inkedibles we strive for perfection. So if we can "perfect" any of our products any more, we will do so and will be proud to show it.

Also coming soon to Inkedibles... precut chocolate transfer sheets that are made to the size and shape of our chocolate transfer molds. Check our chocolate transfer section for more details and to stay up to date.

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