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Here are some of the main differences / applications for these types of sheets: 
Fondant paper
  • Printing is done using edible ink to fondant paper, and the fondant paper itself is edible
  • Recommend covering the cake with marzipan or rolled fondant before applying the printed Fondant Paper.
  • Cannot go on fresh cream or buttercream unless you add a thin layer of chocolate or food varnish to the back of the fondant paper.
  • To apply to a DRY frosting such as sugar paste, apply a little moisture but not too much.

Frosting sheets (http://www.inkedibles.com/frosting-sheets.php)
  • Printing is done using edible ink to frosting sheets, and the frosting sheets are themselves edible
  • All kinds of frostings especially buttercream, but not directly onto very high moisture bases like fresh cream or whipped cream unless you put buttercream first behind the frosting sheets, then it is OK.
  • To apply to a DRY frosting such as sugar paste, apply first a thin layer of buttercream below the frosting sheets.
  • Inkedibles frosting sheets are approximately 0.9mm thick (standard) and 0.6mm thick (thin version)

Wafer paper (http://www.inkedibles.com/wafer-sheets.php)
  • Printing is done using edible ink to wafer sheets, and the wafer sheets are themselves edible
  • Perfect for marzipan.
  • Apply to DRY FROSTINGS (marzipan, chocolate, or sugar paste). Slightly dampen the coating with water before adding the wafer paper.
  • Do not put on any high moisture based frosting such as fresh cream or buttercream.
  • Can be baked with bread (good for personalized party breads)
  • Inkedibles wafer paper is approximately 0.4mm thick (400 microns)
Chocolate Transfer Sheets (http://www.inkedibles.com/chocolate-transfer-sheets.php)
  • Printing is done using edible ink to chocolate transfer sheets, but the sheets themselves are not edible, only their coating which absorbs the ink
  • The printed image gets transferred to wet chocolate, see a video of how this works here:
  • Best for use with white chocolate
  • Inkedibles chocolate transfer sheets are approximately 1.7 to 1.9mm thick (between 170 and 190 microns)

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