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YummyArt edible pen markers are also used to decorate a variety of other fun food items such as marshmallows, fondant, marzipan and more.  They are used just like a regular marker, but should be kept in storage with food supplies as they are made with edible ink.  A common question is "what types of foods can these markers write to?".  The answer is simple - these edible markers will write to any smooth and sturdy non-oily food surface.  Take cookies for example.  Iced cookies offer the perfect surface to write to with these edible markers.  That is because icing is made with powdered / confectionery sugar mixed with water and possibly a bit of lemon juice  (can get very hard for bonding like cement if mixed in the right proportions).  There are no oily (fatty) ingredients in icing!
Frosting on the other hand, is not a good surface to write to with the edible markers.  This is because frosting is made with powdered / confectionery sugar whipped with a solid fat like butter, margarine, cream cheese, lard or other specifically made whipped solid vegetable or tropical oil mixtures - therefore it is oily and not a good surface to use for edible markers.  
Other foods like Meringue (granulated/castor sugar whipped with egg whites and cream of tartar (can get very hard for bonding like cement if mixed in the right proportions)  or Italian Meringue - granulated/castor sugar whipped with egg whites but heated so it becomes more syrupy can work are not good for writing surfaces.  Note that Icings and meringues are not usually but can be heated (sometimes cooked depending on the hard crack factor wanted)  but frosting can't be heated because it will melt off.
Icing has a very long shelf life because sugar is a preservative, but the others (for consumption) have a much shorter shelf lives because the fats get rancid and the egg whites go bad.
So for best results - if you want to decorate your cookies with YummyArt edible markers - write to ICED COOKIES.

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