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If your print outs with Inkedibles are not coming out accurately as expected, you should consider the following 2 potential issues:
  1. http://support.uni-kit.com/customer/portal/articles/544447-restoring-natural-flow-to-edible-ink-cartridges-and-dealing-with-clogged-printheads
  2. http://support.uni-kit.com/customer/portal/articles/566982-what-is-the-inkedibles-cleaning-solution-and-how-is-it-used-
  3. http://support.uni-kit.com/customer/portal/articles/566999-best-printer-settings-for-inkedibles-edible-ink-printing
In addition to the above tips, if colors are not printing out correctly it may be that ink is not flowing freely through the cartridges.  This can be resolved by ensuring that the breather ports on the cartridges do not have any residue glue on them (which is a common issue, when you remove the take that covers the breathing hole, some glue residue could remain and block air from entering the cartridges which is needed for a smooth flow of ink).  The breather ports are holes under the sticker that you pull before you insert the cartridge into the printer.

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