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Create beautiful, signature chocolates and pralines with this new unique chocolate mold! Professional quality, 2 piece Magnetic Mold is constructed of food safe, clear, rigid polycarbonate. Detailed sharp corners produce professional chocolates!

First, you need to start with a chocolate transfer sheet that has your desired image or design. You can either print your own custom images onto Inkedibles Chocolate Transfer Sheets using a printer that is dedicated to using only edible inks (use Inkedibles Edible Inks and Inkedibles Transfer Sheets for consistent results), or you can use pre-printed transfer sheets such as those available from Inkedibles.

Depending on whether you will be using a chocolate mold (to make predesigned chocolate shapes, like circles, or hearts) or whether you will not be using a mold, your next steps are similar with exception of using a mold or not using a mold.

See the attachments for each process (chocolate image transfer using a mold, vs not using a mold)

Please click here to download attachment link

Please click here to download attachment link

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