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The intensity/brightness of colors printed using edible inks on edible paper will be different to regular printing (for example, using original printer inks and plain paper) because of the obvious differences in the print medium and inks (edible paper and edible inks have different qualities to regular ink and regular paper). Intensity/brightness of prints can be adjusted to suit your needs through your printer’s “printing preferences” tab. Examples of printer preference settings (shown in the instruction links) are for the Canon ip3600 (a popular printer used in edible printing), but all printer settings look and function similarly and you should consult your printer manual if your menu options differ. To get the closest match with minimal changes/effort, change the “paper type” and “print quality” as per Page1 of the Inkedibles Printer Settings Instruction sheet (link below). If those settings do not give you the level of color brightness/intensity that you want, then go ahead and make changes to color/intensity settings by clicking on the Manual radio button and then Set the color/intensity by following Page2 of the Inkedibles Printer Settings Instruction sheet. View the instructions by clicking on the links below:

UPDATE 8/8/13: For our newly released WAFER SHEETS, instead of MATTE PHOTO PAPER settings, it is best to use PHOTO GLOSSY PAPER settings.

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