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The Inkedibles printhead cleaning solution is a proprietary food safe formulation that is used to clean your printer's printheads if they become clogged. Printheads can clog due to non-use of a printer - leaving a printer idle, especially when you have edible cartridges installed, can cause the water from the ink droplets which accumulate at the heads to evaporate, leaving behind crystalline deposits which can clog the print heads. The way to avoid this problem, is to ensure that you print at least 1-2 pages with your printer per week, and if you are going to leave the printer out of use for a while, to ensure that you at least power cycle it every other day (turning it off and then on gets the ink flowing), or leave food grade printhead cleaning cartridegs installed while the printer is out of use. If you do get a clog in your printer's printheads, it will show up when you print as colors could come out dull, or you will notice lines on the page or missing colors. To unclog the printheads, you can either:
  • Run a print head cleaning cycle (through your printer's menu), and print a nozzle test to see if its cleared. And if that does not clear the clog, then you need more deep cleaning:
  • Install Inkedibles cleaning cartridges and print a few pages with these installed, and run a print head cleaning cycle with these installed

The ingredients are:
Water and may contain one or more of the following ingredients: surface-active agent(s), sodium benzoate, citric acid, humectant, glycerin, ethanol, chelates or chelating agents, sodium carbonate, complexation agents, soaps, zeolites, FD&C Blue No. 1

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