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Edible ink cartridges are essentially "containers" that are made in the shape and form of an inkjet cartridge that plugs right in to your inkjet printer. Inkedibles ™ brand cartridges are refillable and come with auto-resetting chips to ensure that your printer can continue to accept them, refill after refill. The regular printer cartridges that your printer uses typically have one-time chips, that sense the level of ink in the cartridge, and when the cartridge empties - send a signal to the printer that the cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced. More often than not, the printer will not accept that cartridge again even if it is refilled, because it still "remembers" the cartridge (via the cartridge chip) as empty. With brand cartridges this is not an issue, because the chips we put on our cartridges are auto-resettable which means that when the cartridge runs out of ink, the chips reset and allow you to refill the same cartridge, and your printer will recognize it as full again. It is recommended to refill the same cartridge more than 3 times, as the wick (outlet port) of the cartridge can wear out over time.

Inkedibles cartridges have easy to fill refill ports. Simply remove the plug from the refill port, and inject Inkedibles refill ink which is sold in refill bottles.

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