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I am looking at the specs for the IE-CakePro850 and can't find any information on how it really works.  Does it connect to a computer, Wi-Fi, use a Flash Drive to get the image to the machine. Please send me any information that you have on this.  Thanks.

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Key Characteristics of the Cakepro850:

• A3+ Printer for both Heavy and Light products (0.5mm lightweight paper up to 15kgs)

• Prints Directly onto Any Flat Substrate – Fats less than 30%

• Printing bar utilizes the latest generation of optical sensor for height variation automatically

• Ink tanks with Direct Dampers for greater ink economy

• 1 touch auto in and up calibration

• Controls are semi-automatic – Up and down – In and out

• Maximum Height is 18 cm / 7.03inches

• Print Area 32.9cm x 48.3cm or 12.95 x 19 inches


Dimension - 93cm x 65cm x 82cm

Weight - 70 kg

Printing Technology Piezoelectric Ink Jet system

Print Resolution 5760 x 1440 dpi max

Dot 1.5pl

Printing Time 4.44 minutes at normal speed

Printable Media Wafer, Cakes, Biscuits

Colors C/M/Y/K/LC/LM

Power AC 100 to 120 V ±10%, 11 A, 50/60

Hz with Voltage converter or

AC 220 to 240 V ±10%, 5.5 A, 50/60 Hz

Connection: USB 2.0/3.0

Operating System: Windows 

All Direct to food printers are all USB operated and are not wifi compatible. All need to connect to a Windows PC and are not Mac compatible

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