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I have a CakePro 770A and the ink light is flashing. I have tried cleaning, power cleaning, topping off the ink cartridges and the light will not go off. When I print, I get an error message regarding one of the cartridges. I believe it may need replaced, but I can't find them online. How do I purchase new refillable cartridges? Can someone provide a link? Is there anything else I should do to try to resolve the issue? Thanks.

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If the Ink light is solid and a message is displaying that one or more ink tanks are empty then you can reset it by opening Wicreset and selecting Reset Ink levels 

If you are looking for cartridges please find them on inkedibles . com and search for Cakepro770 in the search bar 

The light is not solid, it is blinking. Does that mean the same thing?
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If the ink light only is blinking then yes the ink level needs to be reset. If there are more lights blinking then please send a short video to chris @ inkedibles . com in order to help support you. Also take a screenshot of the status monitor which is displayed on your computer.
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