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When I go to load my macarons - and put the bed of the printer in the up position - the orange light on the front will not stop flashing. I can't print anything. What is wrong?

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If blinking light then remove both cartridges and power off using the square button at the back. 

Check that the printer Queue has no jobs - if there are jobs you need to cancel and delete them in the printers Queue.

Insert Only the Black cartridge, then power off and on and then see if you have a solid yellow. You can check this by powering off the printer using the black button and powering on again.

You should have a solid yellow light.

Remove the Black and insert the Color and power off using black button and then power on. (same procedure)

You should have a solid yellow light

---If you have any blinking lights on any of the cartridges then you need to replace the cartridge--

If there are no blinking lights then

Insert both cartridges - power off and on again and again you should have a solid yellow.

Now send a print job

Thanks. Guess I need new cartridges. I have only used these once - but it was in December. Any way to revive them?
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The only way to maintain the use of the cartridges is to use them every 2-3 days so that the ink does not dry out. If the ink dries out and we try to print with a clogged head then the jet will backfire and short the cartridge. So if the lights blinking on both then both need to be replaced. If the light is blinking on only 1 then replace only the 1 cartridge.
If I know I am not going to be using it for awhile - I am just a hobby baker - can I take the cartridges out and seal them up someway?
Thanks for your help Chris!
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The only way to ensure that cartridges remain unclogged is by using them once they are opened and to use every 2-3 days. After opening them, if you reseal them with the same clips that they come with then they will clog, and they will contaminate the colors for the color cartridge. After no use then the only way to try and revive them would be to use a soft wet paper towel and try and revive them but letting them sit on the wet paper towel for 30seconds
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