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All our direct to food printers starting from the Cakepro Quatro model can print to Marshmallows. The requirement is that they are consistently flat (same size in height).
The Cakepro Quatro model can print to singles up to 8in in width (Macaron tray is needed) and the Cakepro770 can print to a full sheet of 8.5*11.
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How would I stabilize the marshmallows? I have the 800 and when I print on marshmallows they move during printing so the images are blurry or the marshmallow has completely moved from its original space.
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You can use stabilizers. The tray of the CP800 is magnetic. By using a magnetic stabilizer both in front of the substrate and behind it you can steady the substrate and it will not move.
Examples of magnetic strips or stabilizers can be found online
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