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So i refilled the cartridges but they are still reading empty how do i reset them to show full again?

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Well It depends on the printer model and the cartridges you are refilling as it may or may not be a refillable cartridge.

For Instance - Canon PGI-250 / CLI-251 Cartridges are refillable that comes with auto resetted chips on the cartridges meaning  it will show full after you refill them whereas on the other hand Canon PGI-280 / CLI-281 cartridges are "Not" refillable as they have one time use chips.

For Refillable cartridges -

> Please make sure there is no ink spilled on the chip nor any debris on it or  in the cartridge slot inside the printer as should be clean.

>  Refill before the cartridge is completely out of ink to avoid any issues and  can refill when 1/4 empty.



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