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The orange light started blinking and I cannot fix it. I tried erasing queu jobs and taking out cartridges, turning pc, and printer off, and nothing works. When I check cartridges in the computer, it looks like it is not reading the cartridges. But I was in between printing when all this happen. I clean cartridges and they are full of ink. How can i solve this?

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The Yellow light blinking refers to a problem with 1 or more cartridges in your printer.

In order to see which cartridge is giving an error:

1-Remove both cartridges

2-Insert only 1 cartridge and power off and on again.(If the light is solid then this cartridge is OK.)

3-If the light is blinking then something is wrong with this cartridge. In this case, Clean the electrical contacts with an eraser and then try again.

4- Insert the other cartridge and follow the process above if the light blinks.

Do not touch the copper-colored contacts or ink nozzles with your fingers.
Doing so can result in ink failure, and bad electrical connections.

If the problem is not resolved with the troubleshooting above, you can try replacing with a new cartridge and let us know.  For further help, can email at support*

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