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I replaced both inks and still telling me I have no paper. This printer is a problem, I have not been able to use it once.

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Ink cartridges and no paper or Paper incorrectly loaded are not related. 

Power off the printer from the back, remove both the USB and the Power cable. 

1. Make sure that your Paper size are correctly set to 8*8"inches.

2. Check that the printer Queue has no jobs - if there are jobs you need to cancel and delete them

<Make sure that you have a solid yellow light before printing. If you have a blinking light then the printer is not ready,

If blinking light then remove both cartridges and power off using the black button at the back or delete the printer queue>

3. Insert both cartridges - Now insert the Power cable and power on again from the back you should have a solid yellow.

4. Before printing you need to have a Solid Yellow button and the tray needs to be raised. Press the yellow button to raise the tray. 

5. Now you can send the print-job to the printer 

Thank you

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