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Does anyone know if there's a limit to the life of the refillable Canon ink cartridges? I'm starting to see a pattern that after I refill one about 3 times, the machine loses track of the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge, and after remove it and reinstall, it continues to tell me it's low (though I just filled it), and after reinstalling a second or third time, then it doesn't recognize the cartridge and I end up having to replace it with a new one. It just happened again with my magenta, and I had a spare new one....accepted the new one with no problem. Then immediately after that, the cyan did it. Now I have an order for 800 cookies, and I need new cartridges so I can start printing again.

Anyone else seeing this pattern or having a similar situation?

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Some cartridges such as the CLI270/271 or CLI250/251 are refillable and the chip is an auto reset chip which auto resets the ink levels. The CLI280/281 series are single use cartridges (the chip will not auto reset and will lock after the 1st use.
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