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Has anyone had a similar problem to mine?

I ordered the ink refill cartridges, inks, and a case of paper (along with some protective warming thing for the paper) and today, only a box of paper was delivered. I've tried to register my account with zero luck. Of course it's a Saturday and no one is around to help. The whole purpose of the order was for the inks and I waited all day for it. I never got anything beyond a PayPal confirm with ZERO order specs on it.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with this company/site by chance? I'm trying to figure this out before I contact PayPal. Thanks.

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If an order contains different items, it is possible that they ship in separate parcels, such as for better protection of items, weather proofing, or other reasons. While it is possible that some items may have been mistakenly missed, it is more likely that they have shipped in a separate parcel. Please email your order number to support along with a description of what was received and what is missing, and a support representative should respond by tomorrow with tracking / explanation.

As for emails, if you ordered directly online, you would have been sent an order confirmation email and also a tracking email, if those are not in your inbox, please check your spam.
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