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I bought a canon pixma g3411 printer to use it with edible ink but i didn't have any idea its cartridges would be filled with regular ink.. how can i use it now with edible ink ?? PLEASE HELP ASAP !!!

printer model : canon pixma g3411

Edible ink bought online with WHO certificate
Cartridges folled with ink used for papers and i need to fill ot with edible ink and I'm afraid they get mixed
Should I get it unfilled ?? And how ??

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Unfortunately, we do not support nor are familiar with that printer model, and we do not recommend filling original cartridges that had regular ink in them. In general, you would need cartridges that are made with food grade plastics, and filled at food safe facilities with edible ink. Such cartridges may not be available for the printer you bought. Food grade compliant food inks designed to work with inkjet printing technology should be used in a dedicated printer that is properly maintained and cleaned using food grade cleaning solution for food safety. Never use edible ink with a cartridge or printer that has had regular ink running through it because contamination can occur.

 Cartridges used in edible ink printing should be food contact safe and edible inks should be made to food grade specifications. 

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