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I read you were  changing oils? Did you? I am teaching a class for Wilton Insiders and want to suggest your product I have bought from you before.  What are  the different thicknesses and uses please?

I will appreciate the information.

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Hello Patricia, thank you for your question! We have been using olive oil in our wafer paper for some time now, we have found the best success with the current (simple) 3 ingredient formula that we are using:

- potato starch
- water
- olive oil

The thickness we are offering at this time is 0.3mm and a thicker 0.6mm option, however the 0.3mm is by far the most popular and most versatile.

Some features of our wafer paper:

  • 100% edible and bio-degradable
  • Heat and freeze resistant
  • Guaranteed free from sugar, gluten and allergens

With a proven track record in the cake decoration industry, our sheets are the ideal solution for edible printing – and all printers available nowadays can handle them. Whatever you want to print, they are also the most cost-effective, label friendly and convenient solution, and you can use them on practically anything. Our clients especially like the fact our sheets give them so much flexibility in terms of taste and flavor, and they are just as enthusiastic about their printing properties. That means our sheets are a smart choice for almost every application.

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