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How to make a template and print with a CakePro Printer
  1. Choose an editing program such as Microsoft Word, PhotoShop, Illustrator or any one of many programs available that will allow you to open and/or manipulate an image, and print.
  2. Adjust the size of your “paper” or “template” on your program to the size of the CakePro food tray that you are using ( in the case of the CakePro750A for example, the food tray has dimensions of 8.25” x 11.8”; in the case of the CakePro950 the food tray has dimensions of 12.4” x 20”, etc.)

    Screenshot below is taken from Microsoft Word 2013 to show you how easy it is to change the size layout. Go to PAGE LAYOUT -> SIZE -> MORE PAGE SIZES -> CUSTOM SIZE

And you can set the custom size (dimensions shown below are for the CakePro950, which has a food tray of 12.4” x 20”):

  1. Pick your image (logo, photo etc.) from your computer, and insert it into your newly created template
  2. Adjust the size of the image you have picked to the desired individual size of the food you will be printing on (for example, if you are going to print to cookies that are 4” wide x 3” height), you would adjust your image size to be 4” x 3” (or slightly larger, as it is OK to print to a wider area than your food, the overprint will go onto your food tray or paper below your food, so that is not an issue). Example below shown again from WORD:

  1. Copy and paste as many instances of that image that you want to print to and that will fit within your template page. For the example below, we were able to fit 8 copies of the image on our tray very comfortably:

  2. Print a test page on parchment or regular paper (put the paper onto the food tray, and print to it directly).
  3. Where your prints land up on the paper, are the exact locations you should place your food (cookies in this example). Save that template so that in future you can change out the image, and you always know exactly where your 4” x 3” prints will print out, so you know exactly where to place your 4” x 3” cookies on your food tray.

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Easy to Use - Step by Step instructions creating a template on MS Word. http://support.inkedibles.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=16124582500212057477

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