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What is Inkedibles Wafer Paper?
Wafer paper is a potato starch product. The raw material is mixed with water and oil. The thick mass is cooked and pressed into an endless sheet, which is then cut into A4 size "paper" sheets.

What is the intended use of Inkedibles Wafer Paper?
Wafer paper can be directly printed to with edible ink. It can be fed through most edible ink printers, just like a normal piece of paper would be fed. The wafer paper can be used in baking biscuits, nougat and other products, and the printed (decorated) paper can be applied to many food surfaces.

Is Inkedibles Wafer Paper GMO Free?

What are the best storage conditions for the wafer paper?
It is best to store the product below a temperature of 20° C (room temperature is fine). Wafer paper is very sensitive to humidity, so keep it in a sealed bag and out of humid conditions and minimize its exposure to open air. Also make sure you don't expose it to sunlight while in storage.

What is the shelf life?
If stored under the temperature of 20°C and in a relative humidity of 60-75%, the shelf life will be 12 months . 

Weight: 10 m² per kilogram

Color: off -white

INGREDIENTS: Potato starch, water and vegetable oil.

Nutritional value:

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Olive oil and or Sunflower oil.
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