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Upon checkout from our website, we offer our customers the opportunity to rate our product and service through a 3rd party provider called Bizrate (www.bizrate.com). We have no influence on the ratings, and they are handled exclusively by Bizrate. Once a customer checks out from our store - we provide a link (banner) for a customer to review us on Bizrate. Once a customer clicks on the Bizrate link in order to rate us, they are transferred to Bizrate's website and any content shown there is provided by Bizrate without our involvement for good reason - so that we have no influence over the ratings process and customers can give an unbiased and honest account of their experience shopping with us. We are aware that Bizrate does make some offers to reviewers (such as  magazine subscriptions), but any such offers are provided through Bizrate and not by us, we do not benefit in any way from such subscriptions nor are we notified or involved in any way in that process. Customers have the option to subscribe to a Bizrate offer (such as a magazine subscription) or not. No subscription is necessary in order to rate us through Bizrate.  If you have signed up for an offer or subscription through Bizrate for which you have a question or concern, please contact Bizrate here:

We also value your feedback about the ratings process, so a concern you have about your ratings through this 3rd party ratings system is important to us and will be taken into consideration as we continue to evaluate ways to receive unbiased customer feedback.

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