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Humidity plays a crucial role in the printing especially when it comes to Edible ink printing. The amount of moisture in the air can impact on how the inks perform and the quality of the final print.  Edible inks are water-based, and the paper used for printing is highly hygroscopic in nature, meaning it absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment .

If the relative humidity (RH) is too low, the ink can dry out quickly, leading to clogging of the print head and poor print quality. On the other hand, if the RH is too high, the ink can spread, causing the image to blur and lose its sharpness .Therefore, it is essential to maintain proper humidity levels during the printing process to ensure optimal printing quality. we suggest keeping the ink cartridges (both opened and unopened) atleast around 45- 65% for best results. Anything less than 45% will have a bad impact on the inks making them dry faster and clog which applies to any/all printer types and inks.
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