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Was evaluating two printers cakepro1000 vs cakepro 800 to decide which to go ahead with for buying? So wanted to understand why the ink consumption in cakepro 800 is higher compared to cakepro 1000?

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Fyi- The Cakepro800v3 uses 6 cartridges with 6 color inks and a Print head with 540 nozzles with 13ml per cartridge capacity

The Cakepro1000v4.1 uses 4 cartridges with 4 color inks and a Print engine with 3200 nozzles as well as an extended Capacity of 220ml per cartridge.
The Cakepro2000XL will have a larger bed than the 800 and 1000 and will be equipped with a Print engine with 1600 nozzles as well as an Continuous Ink system without the need of cartridges (expected Release date September 2023)
Thanks for the answer.
But I have a few more queries on the answer:
1. I was of the impression that the cakepro 1000v4 uses 8 color inks (C,LC,M,LM,Y,K,LK,LLK) -
2. Cakepro 1000v4 has a print engine with 3200 nozzles, which is more than cakepro 800v3. I have the understanding that more nozzles means more ink being ejected hence more ink consumption. But in this case it is the reverse, cake pro1000 has less ink consumption. Can you please clarify
3. What is the printing technology for these two printers? Piezoelectric or thermal?
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For a breakdown of Inkedibles cakepro differences in models please reach out to us via email.  support at  inkedibles.com
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