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We are having real issues with our Cake Pro 750a. We are trying to get it back up and running after a year out of use.
Mechanically, the printer was working okay. But the printing was stripey and faint. We set up for a head clean but upon loading the cleaning cartridges the printer stopped working with both 'page' and 'ink' warning lights flashing. Swapping back in the original ink cartridges, and an hour of switching on and off, pressing the 'ink' button to reset, and still no progress from this. The tray will also no longer move in and out.

Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much!

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Cakepro's use Epson based printers which have waste pads. Each time a cleaning is performed or a page is printed, Virtual pads in the printer are being consumed. In reality the rate ink is being discharged in a waste bottle, but the printers electronic pads are being consumed. 

If your printer is displaying Alternate lights flashing (ink and then paper - alternately) then you will need to reset the counters/pads - with the printer on. 

In order to reset these pads, we need to install a 3rd party software and reset the printer. Easy to use instructions are available below. 


If your printer is displaying flashing lights at the same time (ink and Paper together) then please reach out to *Emails are not allowed* with your name and email that was associated with the purchase for further technical support. 

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