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I got sick and wasn't able to power on or use my quatro for about two months. How do I clean the printerheads to start printing again?

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Please follow the following instructions as should help resolving the matter for you –

How to Fix Dried Out Ink Cartridges That Are Clogged –

1-      Take warm Damp paper towel.

2-      Take the respective cartridge and place it on the Damp paper towel.

3-      With Cartridge face down (ink outlet should face down), give a couple of taps on the upper part of the cartridge.  You should see ink below as you remove the cartridge.

4-      Then take a dry paper towel, fold in half and half again. With the same cartridge face down gently slide the it down the paper towel and you should be able to see ink coming out.   

5-      For Black- you should see a solid Black Line as you wipe it down and For Colors- you should see all the 3 colors coming out as you wipe on the dry paper towel.

6-      You can repeat the process above once again if reqd.

Hope this resolves any issues you have right now and just in case still any issues found after following the instructions above, please email us with relevant details (pics / videos) so we can have tech./cakepro specialist reach out to you.

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